FIFA 12 – The Selector 3.0 by Zlatan87

Hi Guys, now i’ll present my last tool, The Selector 3.0, included in my Superpatch 2.0
I want release it also for users that not use my Superpatch.

This tool is very very useful i think!


– Revolutionary Match Automatic Selector: that allow you to choose League or Tournament with just one Keypress in menu before a match, after keypress tool will change automatically Popups, Scoreboards, staff members (photographers, cameramen, ballboys, steward) referees, musics, wipes, logos etc…

– Commentary & Speaker Sounder: after we choose a team and activate Sounder we can play most sounds with justa a Keypress, (for example the team anthem with „TAB“ Key), we can play also speaker or commentary sounds for a specific player (with Numeric Keypad) and, finally, we can change chants for a specific match (for example. chants against inter, roma etc…)

– Selector of balls, pitches, adboards, logos and staff members!

– Selector of sounds of Intro, Goal Music and Full Time Music!

– Selector of Gameplays!

– TVPopups Changer included, that allow to you to change Scoreboards & Popups (also during a match) you can add also your customs Scoreboards and Popups.

– Finally allow to change wipes (intro and replay animations). You can choose wipes for Friendly and Specific Leagues! Game will load wipes depending a league you are playing!

Download Link:

The Selector 3.0


– Install Exe file, install also Visual Basic Components and Net Framework 4!
– After install and first use of Selector Regen with Fifa 12 Regenerator.
– Enjoy!

NB: if you don’t see any changes ingame, try to exit and regen!


Support: Fifa 12 Zlatan87 Superpatch 12 „The Real Soccer Emotion“ 2.0

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